AIRBNB #Dingdong

To promote the new line of Airbnb “Don't go there. Live There”, Airbnb invited travelers to ring the doorbell of a local to get a sense of what it’s like to truly live there.

In the busy streets of Paris pedestrians were able to ring a big yellow doorbell and get connected to a local straight away. The doorbell would simply dial the number of our Parisian host who was ready to answer any questions. More than 300 calls were made resulting in 3,5 hours of conversation between locals and pedestrians.

We invited people to ask their questions on Twitter using #DingDong to get local tips from our influencers and Super Hosts who replied with short videos giving their best recommendation. During the campaign, #DingDong had more than 4000 mentions.


We selected two beautiful houses in key areas of Paris and London where we encouraged visitors to ring the doorbell and live like a local through a bunch of authentic experiences which varied from music, food, creativity and sport. Each room was hosted by different local influencers. They were on hand to help our visitors out with some cool, quirky and unique recommendations.


Role: Lead Creative with Clement Vidal